User admin made easy!

MIS to G Suite synchronisation of: Users, groups, passwords, single sign on, timetable and room bookings.

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What are the benefits of smartsync?

smartsync seamlessly synchronises your MIS data to realsmart and G Suite for education (or Google apps as you may know it).

Users imported from your MIS

We create timetable calendars for all of your users.

Timetables imported into Gcal

Room booking system.

Room booking system

The smartadmin console gives you complete control of your realsmart users, groups and passwords. No matter which Google application you are using, your teaching groups are up to date and available.

Groups can be controlled in smartadmin

Once you’ve logged in to your website, smartpass gives you Single Sign-On access to realsmart, G Suite for Education and many other web applications.

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