Learning beyond levels

smartportfolios are the most powerful way to demonstrate and track learners’ progress, give real-time feedback and continually assess learning.


smartportfolios help your students learn as they create, share and collaborate

Portfolios reimagined are; mobile ready, have an integrated gradebook, include target setting and tracking and makes measuring progress over time a piece of cake.

Key features:

  • Mastery statements for differentiation – LIFE BEYOND LEVELS
  • Markbook – teacher summative and formative assessment
  • Give feedback and feedforward to guide learning journey
  • Upload evidence from smartphone
  • Track progress over time
  • Flightpaths for learner progress
  • Mobile ready
  • Individual learner targets
  • Integrated with G Suite for Education
  • Self assessment – review reflect
  • Integrated with smartHomework – version 2
  • Learning cohorts/groups imported from MIS

“We upload our work into our portfolios to show that we’ve hit our learning targets. It’s really good because you can see how much you’ve learned and the evidence can be anything – like photos and Google Docs, or even just writing.”

StudentXP School

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Take a sneaky peek at some of the new features below.


See flight paths of learner progress against learning targets.


Use school or teacher configured mastery statements to differentiate learning against learners’ targets.


Easily add resources and evidence from Google Drive.