10 quick wins

10 quick wins when you bring your whole school online with realsmart

1. – Beautiful website

Through design consultation we will work with you to create a website that engages all of your stakeholders and promotes how amazing your school is to the world.

2. – Have a logged in student or teacher dashboard

When your staff and students log in to your website it transforms in to a teacher or student dashboard with links to department areas, and user specific news and information.

3. – High profile notices

Using our Smartnotices function you can target high profile notices to staff and students, cutting down on those “all staff” emails.

4. – Single sign on to all your web apps

Once logged in your have single sign in to not just your website but to your email, documents, calendar, smartportfolios and a huge range of other web applications.

5. – Email a class

Our smartpass provisioning services connects your school MIS to realsmart, Google and beyond meaning it’s easy to send an email to any of your teacher groups.

6. – Add an event to everyone’s calendar in your class

You can also add events and reminders to the calendars of all the students in your class.

7. – Share documents with your class and choose their editing rights

Sharing documents with your groups couldn’t be easier!

8. – View class groups in Google Classroom – no more class codes!

Our smartpass service also integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom, creating all your class groups and sorting out teachers from students. There is now no need to share codes with your class to get them using Google Classroom.

9. – Set homework and see who has completed it

With smarthomework teachers can very quickly share a homework task, see who has completed it and respond with feedback.

10. – See progress over time in a portfolio

Our smartportfolios are where pedagogy and technology are perfectly fused to demonstrate assessment for learning, critique and feedback, progress over time and self assessment through teacher created portfolios where learners can pin evidence to teacher success criteria.